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  • What is it?

    Genesis is designed to be the beginning of your investing life. By combining your financial situation with your personal risk tolerance, Genesis uniquely tailors a diversified portfolio to help you reach your goals. So what is Genesis in three words?

    Simple. Transparent. Intelligent.


    We get it. You don't have a need for comprehensive financial management, but you don't feel comfortable blindly investing though a 'roboadvisor' with a simple chat box to fall back on. This is why Doxa Capital created Genesis.


    Our philosophy is straightforward. Genesis was formed to provide investors with a simple asset allocation platform without the extras of a full service shop - for an annual fee of just 0.40% of the account value.

    Example: An account of $10,000 would be charged $40 a year.


    Our goal is to provide investors what they want, without charging them for what they don't.

  • Start Investing

    Doxa Capital & Genesis are held to a Fiduciary Standard as a Registered Investment Advisor. This means our first and only priority is our clients, as we don't get paid by anyone else.


    We also believe everyone is unique, so why would your portfolio look similar to others? Our software starts with a simple financial plan, which creates an allocation of low cost ETF's that will resemble your plans and goals. This can be changed at any time of course, because we know life constantly throws us curve-balls.


    So where do humans come in? We curate every re-balance and review your plan to ensure your investments align with Doxa Capital's long term outlook.


    Get started below by getting your risk score.

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    We utilize a system called Institutional Intelligent Portfolios by Charles Schwab to fully automate and digitize your experience. The algorithm will match your risk score to one of twelve models and automatically rebalance your account to ensure the power of diversification & dollar cost averaging are full throttle. Your experience is completely paperless and can all be managed seamlessly through the app.

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  • Podcast

    Doxa Capital takes pride in its market research and economic insights. Click on the icons below to view the most recent updates from the research team.

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    Doxa Takes Podcast

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    Spring Update

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    2024 Outlook

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